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 Target 2: Women’s Health and Wellness and Sisterly Relations 



 Tea with the MDs ~ Vascular Health: No Clots Allowed 


 Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 11:08 AM 


Let's sip Tea and learn about why it is important to make our Vascular Health a priority. Vascular 901, PLLC will speak to us about making simple lifestyle changes that can lead to improved Vascular Health later in life. 


                                             Join in for the Best Attire and Tea Set Contest 

                                             * Best Woman Hat

                                             * Best Male Hat

                                             * Best Couple ~ Dressed to the Nines 

                                             * Best Tea Set 


Let's have fun...bring out your best tea set, the prettiest hat or fascinator and make sure you are dressed for the occasion. The Sisterly Relations Committees will entertain us with an icebreaker and insightful conversation.

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