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                                                                                    The IVY LEAGUE is one of the foundation’s signature community initiatives                                                                                     which stands for Investing Values in our Youth through Leadership,                                                                                                  Guidance, Unity, and Empowerment.



                                                                                    The IVY LEAGUE is a program designed to develop and cultivate youth in                                                                                       the Memphis community to become strong leaders, to choose positive                                                                                         lifestyles and to make wise decisions. The program has served more than 

                                                                                    60 youth since its inception in 2011.

Personalized programs and activities  are designed to focus on self-reliance skills, academic achievement, and career development. The nine month curriculum includes community service projects, leadership training, financial and economic workshops, and social and recreational programs. The program goals are met:


·        by promoting high scholastic and ethical standards;

·        by improving social status through community involvement;

·        by building character and promoting unity through the development of relationships among peers;

·        by developing responsible individuals through financial and economic awareness;

·        and by educating and helping to alleviate problems facing youth in today’s society.

IVY League Application

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